can't stand wearing make up

January 28, 2009 6:44pm CST
hiya all! i just replied in a discussion about wearing make up and being not able to live without it, and thought of starting a similar one myself. you see, i live in a tropical country where it is very hot and humid and the air is polluted. and since i don't have a personal car, whenever i have to go out, i will have to take the public transportation called the jeepney (or sometimes even the trisikad), which is open and very dusty. and to make it worse, i have oily face. so probably 30 minutes after putting on make up, it will just melt on my face and there would not be much left of it. add to that the dust and smog, it is not a very pretty picture anymore. i don't work in an airconditioned office because i work freelance, so mostly, what i do is doing errands for people. so wearing make up is not really for me. and i sneeze a lot, too. i have allergic rhinitis and it is often triggered by dust and the smell of the polluted air. so when i sneeze, i would have to blow my nose and wipe it with either my handy or a , tissue. and there goes all my foundation and powder, and sometimes the lipstick, on the tissue or hanky. well i have tried also to put on make up. i also like to see other women with impeccable make up. but it just didn't work. then i minimized it to just using facepowder and lipstick, then just facepowder, lipgloss and eyeliner. now, i put absolutely nothing on my face. after i wash my face, then i am ready to go. i don't even bother looking at my self in the mirror. lol well that is my beauty story. so whenever you see, that is as good as it gets. lol take care all and God bless you!
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@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
30 Jan 09
Well, i also do not like wearing make up... since i sweat a lot... and i end up just wiping the make up... leaving my face in a mess... i rarely even wear lipstick... but one important occassions like meetings and formal gathering... i would wear some...
@gr8life (6252)
• Malaysia
30 Jan 09
Hello spoiled311, I love wearing make up. Yes, few years ago, I couldn't stand going out without make up. But now, I started to leave the routine one by one. I move a lot and it is hard sometimes just to touch up. But I don't like to go out with bare face. At least, I must put some face powder, a lipstick and an eyeliner. I can get rid of the eye shadow nowadays.
• Singapore
29 Jan 09
I know what you mean. I avoid make up as much as possible. I have it on for special occasion only. The weather here is too hot. I don't know how some people can manage to have perfect make-up throughout the day in this weather. I have oily skin too and it does not help. I also don't like the idea of touching up all the time during the day.
@laydee (12811)
• Philippines
29 Jan 09
Hi, I'm also in a tropical country and I could relate to what you have just shared. I used to have oily skin too, but have found a way to keep it from becoming too oily. I usually wash my face in the middle of the day to prevent being too oily. Then I use loose powder so that it won't shine. I don't use foundations because it's the best way to clog up the pores and thus making the face too oily. Anyhow, make-up isn't for everyone, there will be people who have allergic reactions to it and there are those who don't really look good when putting on make-up. There are others though who are complete opposites, they don't look good without make-up and can't feel confident without wearing one. Now, here's the trouble. You cannot go out without looking at the mirror. Make-up are enhancers and they hide stuff in your face that you need to hide like eyebags. People like people who knows how to care for themselves without overdoing things. Women would absolutely look better if they have a tint in their lips (because our lips aren't always red) and a little tint on the cheeks with neat hair and face. You don't need foundation for this (it's actually only for night parties and events). You just need to enhance your qualities. If your eyes are your assets then focus on it by using eyeliner (a little) and a little bit of translucent mascara (to make your eyelashes look longer and your eyes fresh). You don't even need to put eyeshadow anymore for day-to-day activities. As for allergic reaction. Perhaps you need to use those high-end types of make-up. There are those which are hypo-allergenic and works good too. But the most important thing a lady needs to look after is the skin. Regardless how much (or how little) you put make-up on, nothing beats the true color and quality of the skin. So, focus on skin-care rather than on make-up. Whenever I go out, I usually just put sunblock all over and face sunblock for my face. A little bit of lipstick and eyeliner and mascara (translucent) and a dash of loose powder, not to mention to pinch my cheeks a little to give color (I don't use blush anymore because studies shows that it causes pigmentation which is dark spots on the cheeks when exposed to sunlight). Anyhow, just try it. You'll feel better and more confident. Now, you said it would just melt. Then don't put make-up when you commute. Do it later when you're at work (a few minutes on the washroom would get a long way). Good luck!