xbox 360 or ps3??

United States
January 29, 2009 12:12am CST
Hey. I'm not much on video games but I just got my own place and thought it would be nice to get a console. What seems to be the most reliable one? XBOX has the better games i think but i hear it tends to break after a while and to get live is like 5 bucks a month. Whereas PS3 internet play come free, and im pretty sure i've heard it has better graphics. Anyone have both with an opinion about which one the prefer before i blow my money
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• India
29 Jan 09
its good tht u decided 2 own a console..i suggest sony ps3 coz it is the high end product available on the market right now.....but if your tight on your pocket and dont wanna spend for high end gaming then prefer xbox 360 its equally good in features and available at very low cost roundin up to 14000,but if you want to play games on the go thn go for sony psp..........or the best you cud do is to wait till mid of the 2009 as apple is getting ready to launch its most awaited touch screen enabled coolest portable gaming device.another xcellent feature is that you need not recharge it as the way you do for cell fones or other electronic devices bcoz it enables you to recharge thru solar power so wait for the apples masterpiece ..................................
• United States
29 Jan 09
thanks guys. yea i was always leaning toward ps3 but i just wanted to hear it from some other people before. what are the best games for it? i have only played on the ps3 a few times so i dont really know what is out there. but that is crazy about the apple gaming thing, which makes you think why cell phones arent like that....anyways i might have to look into that too but for now i just want something all my friends and i can play together. thanks a lot guys