do you collect anything?

January 29, 2009 1:57am CST
when i was in elementary, i used to collect scented papers because i use them to write my poems. i kept them in a paper folder but soon, they got lost. as of now, im not collecting anything. how about you? do you collect anything? and if so, what and why?
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@ank_47 (1961)
• India
22 Mar 09
i have collections of coins of different countries. now i have US,Indian,srilankan,kuwait,saudi,nigerian coins. and thinking to make more collecting coins. previously i have plants collections.
@AXLAERO (426)
• Philippines
29 Jan 09
before.i love to collect shoes and clothes.but now,i love to collect stuff toys and animated figures.i have shrek,characters from monster inc.tom and jerry,chip n dale and a lot more.but my most favorite of all my collections is chucky doll.i just received my 26 inch" chucky doll and tiffany last week.i ordered it from ebay.but i also want to have the talking chucky doll and tiffany.and also glenda or glenda.the son/daughter of chucky and tiffany from the movie seed of chucky.why son or daughter?because the gender of glen is a bit confusing.i already have a talking chucky doll but only the small one .i dont know why i really love chucky doll.i remember before when i am pregnant,i love to watch chucky doll's movie.and my husband told me to stop watching it.he said that maybe my baby will look like chucky doll when i give birth.some people think that chucky doll is a bit scary and ugly.but for me,chucky doll is cute and its a beautiful and interesting collection
@Tatsinda (60)
• United States
29 Jan 09
I used to collect a lot of things, but then I lost everything in Hurricane Andrew, and found it hard to start up "collecting things" again. I used to collect tigers when I was younger- anything that I could get my hands on, that was tiger-related (white tigers with blue eyes were my favorite). It's funny to think back on, because I don't particularly like tigers at all now. I can't think of a single object I own now that is tiger-shaped or has a tiger on it. I also collected pigs at one point, and still do to a certain extent. Fairies were another one of my collecting favorites, but I'd like to think that I was collecting them way before they caught on with the rest of the world. It seems like I had been collecting them for years, and then overnight, so was everyone else. I lose interest in things if they become popular "with everyone". Right now I don't have a collection of anything, but I think it might be fun to start collecting bee-related objects and things. I'm also thinking I'd love to start a collection of antique photographs- I come across so many stray old photos in flea markets.
@gegegelay (934)
• Philippines
29 Jan 09
Yes, I am a collector of a lot of things, haha. Since childhood, I've been collecting mostly girl stuff such as dolls, teenage pocket books (Sweet Valley High, if you're from my generation, you can definitely relate to me!), stationeries, keychains, figurines, audio cds, vcds/dvds, letters from friends, bracelets, earrings and other accessories, and colorful post-its or papers. Other stuff include Archie comic books, teen magazines and other fictional/non-fictional books. The most unique collection that I have are paper bags (from stores where I bought shoes, clothes, etc.) and the container of McDonald's french fries. I used it as a stationery before, weird much? Haha. But now, I do not collect anything anymore except for the stuff I've already had before.