Sony is hit very badly!!!

@sivanj (1263)
January 29, 2009 2:55am CST
The Sony company is very badly hit by this recession. They have lost about 95% of their net profit in the last quarter. Even for such a big company which has market everywhere around the world, this is the case. How do you see this?
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@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
30 Jan 09
That's not surprising, given the state of the economy is in right now.. Everybody is suffering, and not only sony.. All those big companies, such as Ford, chylser are in big trouble too.. But luckily that US government is willing to bail them out and thus they are still surviving.. The same thing goes for japan, they are hit very badly too.. Sony is well known for their products and thus it's more expensive as compared to other brands.. So when that happens, everybody will be looking for cheaper alternatives and thus sony is losing out..
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@zamakh (518)
• South Korea
29 Jan 09
actually i don't know this topic until i read your writing, so maybe i should pay more attention to news.. but i think there's similarity with korean economics condition that really dominated by samsung and LG.. maybe if one of them crushed, the whole country will feel the effect... and for sony, i think that's because the ability of people to buy sony product is decreasing because everyone is try to save more on this crisis.. and i think that many of sony product now is not selling well in teh market, for example PS3.. that's my foolish opinion :D
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@ashar123 (2357)
• India
31 Jan 09
Sony is really a very big company with so much in its reserves and their capital is gigantic because they have market in almost every country today. Such ups and down come in front of every company but I know Sony will overcome this. The quality of their products is still the same like it was two decades ago i.e. in 1980's and all their products are lifetime, durable and reliable.