A study reveals "Regular workout bursts best for health".

@sivanj (1263)
January 29, 2009 3:18am CST
I read recently that a regular and intense three-minute workout can do wonders in boosting your metabolism. A study has been conducted on the effect of 'high-intensity interval training' (HIT) on the metabolism of sixteen sedentary male participants, who used exercise bikes to perform a quick sprint at their highest possible intensity. It is found to (*) significantly affect body's ability to process sugars. (*) substantially reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (*) substantially reduce type two diabetes Unfortunately, many people feel they simply don't have the time to follow current exercise guidelines. So why not got for this burst & fast excercies for few minutes regularly?
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@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
30 Jan 09
Yeah, exercise is indeed very good for our body, and not only it boost metabolism rate, but also increase our alertness to things.. haha =D That's the reason i'm exercising and working out almost everyday.. No matter how tired i'm, i will never miss out on my runs or weights training.. lol =D After all, it's something beneficial to me, in general well being.. hehe ^_^