Yesterday fire tragedy in Nairobi.

January 29, 2009 4:50am CST
I think this is the worst kind of tragedy I have ever witnessed in the city where people were trapped in razing fire in our biggest supermarket called Nakumatt. Even the rescuers acted as if were crazy coming too late and doing almost nothing to put out the fire even after five hours. The government ought to resign since it is clear it cannot protect the lives of the citizens and has no clear strategies to manage disasters. Still over 26 people are missing after that disaster and 4 more workers no where to be found. I still suspect more people could be missing because there are people who live in city alone without relatives. It is suspected an electric fault led to the explosion of the generator after lifts went off. I am heart broken..............When will Kenya get responsive leaders? People are starving because of famine and the government remains silent as hunger strikes innocent Kenyans. What a loss to have these greedy leaders in our political system?There is too much corruption that we cant tolerate;this is overwhelming!God help us.
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@dralon (88)
• Zimbabwe
29 Jan 09
I am so sorry, my prayers are with you. Is the unity government not delivering, whats happenning to our brother Raila Odinga - he is always on the news commnting about how bad things are in Zimbabwe. Are you saying he is nor sorting out problem in his own back yard. One thing i have experienced is that leaders do not care much about starving masses, i should know i live in Zimbabwe!
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• Kenya
31 Jan 09
Thanks for your concern.