Which type of movies you like ? romantic movies or action movies

January 29, 2009 5:18am CST
Which type of movies you like most. Romantic or action? i like romantic movies. I never seen action movies. They becomes me very upset. So mostly ignore action movies. But i like romantic movies. And similarly i like romantic songs also. Katrina and Akshya is my favorite. I also like Shahrukh and Rani.
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• Mauritius
29 Jan 09
action,comedy,scary movies
@Lindery (853)
• Latvia
29 Jan 09
I prefer deep meaning movies and usually the deep meaning is covered in drama and psychological movies. From time to time I like to watch romantic comedies, easy movies which don't ask for any brain works after them.
@iamsolucky (1242)
• Philippines
29 Jan 09
I like romantic movies. Go and check wall-e , it is romantic and funny. Or twilight, the notebook, and other love stories. they are blockbusters so im sure you gunna love them too. Romantic makes me fall in love and it helps giving you good feelings. actually its a good stress relief. I seldom watch action movies but i am also interested in them, not so violent though. I like die hard, all jackie chan movies, selected james bond stories and yes Charlie's angels. Romantic or action, its doesnt matter as long as you enjoy and have fun watching. ready your popcorn too hehehehehehe.
@shiva529 (285)
• India
29 Jan 09
hi friend, i love to watch action movies of jason stathom...i get excited to see stunts & fights of the film...alsoi get bored see high drama movies which is frustrating to me...moreover i cant have patience to see 3 hrs romantic films..... happy mylotting:-)