Zimbabwe power sharing agreement?? Ok this is ridiculous, when do we see an end?

@dralon (88)
January 29, 2009 5:36am CST
I have spoken to several people here in Harae about the latest on the long going saga. One thing i have concluded is that a lot of people believe that it has gone way past being funny and its now ridiculous!! How is this whole thing going to end. We can not have "yoyo" positions for so long, especially with our economy and social services as they are. There was a panel discussing this issue on SABC international yesterday morning, i liked what the borther thta was in Thswane (South Africa) finally concluded. He said all the leaders should now realise that the main focus now is on trying to stop the indignities and suffering of the common people in Zimbabwe rather than scoring political points. I hope all parties concerned where listening. What do you think, has this thing not dragged on long enough.
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