What will you prefer.. opposites attract or same feather..??

January 29, 2009 6:07am CST
What I mean is.. what will you prefer.. that you and your partner were opposties or you are exactly the same..? as for me.. it always depends on the situation.. when it comes to favorite.. I think it would be better if you have the same favorites cause in that way you'll not be having any misundestanding but when it comes to attitude it would be better if the two of you were opposite for your relationship to work out... what do you think..?
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@gbolly54 (661)
• Nigeria
29 Jan 09
I agree with you to some extent. It is good to be "same feather" in matters concerning tastes but "opposite attraction" in matters of attitude. However, there are certain areas of attitude that a couple cannot afford not to share, for instance, attitude to God or religion. If a couple holds extreme opposite views or attitudes on such matters, they could end up being enemies, and many homes have (or almost) broken up on account of this. Therefore, I am of the view that a couple should have liberal or moderate outlooks in matters of attitude. With liberal or moderate views or outlooks, their attitudes will be more easily reconcilable, even when opposite.