do you still remember your first love?

January 29, 2009 7:11am CST
our many firends often tell me the first love is the most unforgettable in our life.when i have fallen in love,i felt and thought so too.although my first love have lost,but i still remember it.hehe.when i have fallen in the second love,i find i cannt concentrate on falling the second love.i dont know why i will do.will you have the same experience of it?
2 responses
@diillu (5121)
29 Jan 09
Yes, I still remember my first love. I think it was the sweetest emotion that I ever felt. Now, I am totally into my boyfriend but when I remember about my first love then there's still some feelings left in me for him. It's not painful, all the memories with him are simply so sweet. We were young and we were in love but things didn't work out the way we had thought and we had to move apart.
@kezabelle (2980)
29 Jan 09
Yes I remember my first real love it was amazing and I was heartbroken when he ended things, he knew though as did I that we didnt want the same things and he loved me enough to let me go so I could find what I wanted and needed with someone else I will love him for ever for doing that because I soon met my wonderful partner who I have now been with 7 years we have the beautiful family I always wanted and I couldnt be happier. So while I wont ever forget him I have something so much better, when the time is right and with the right person you will find you are in love without having to concentrate on it, just give it some time and you know the best things always happened when are arent looking for them!