mylots is more than paying forum

January 29, 2009 9:10am CST
i know this topic oftenly discussed in here but still i like to share my opinion about mylot. mylot is more than paying forums and more than social networking forum. in here, i can share any ideas, opinion or even finding solving for the problem that i faced in my daillies. everything seem fair in here and most of the people that i know in mylot is nice people and caring each other. to be here, can make me release tense in my day. being here, i also learn something new and new information. i am happy to be part of mylot and proud that mylot still exist till now. if you are looking for good earning through posting, i am not sure that mylot is the answer. but if you are looking for good social networking forum, mylot would be the answer. whats your opinion, my friends?
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@sminut13 (1783)
• Singapore
30 Jan 09
i agree as well. well, i don't really come here to destress or anything. but it is true that we can learn new things and information here. and what's more, it's all personal experiences so it's good advice too. truthfully, i too just joined here initially to make some extra money. but before i knew it, i was posting discussions not for the sake of money but because i enjoyed it and because i felt that i would be able to help other people with similar problems or situations as me. i'm not a social person and even here, though i have a number of friends, i don't think they are friends like how my friends here are. but they are friends who give me advice here and help me out in life. i can ask my friends here questions that i would hestitate to ask anyone here with me like my relatives and friends and so on.
@dpk262006 (58720)
• Delhi, India
30 Jan 09
You are absolutely right that mylot is more than an earning site. It gives us an opportunity to open up ourselves and to share our thoughts and feelings, without any kind of apprehensions and fears. Members here are generally very nice and they always come out with some very useful and handy advice and guidance. Some of the members are great writers and they write very meaningful and superlatives posts, which give us an opportunity to learn every day. I do not go to any other site, I just enjoy myself here and love to share my thoughts with my dear friends.
@Lakota12 (42605)
• United States
29 Jan 09
yup if ya looking for big payout Mylot isnt for that person but for making friends and learning tihng is a great plae to be!
@mysdianait (66024)
• Italy
29 Jan 09
HI there plumwish! Yes it is absolutely much more. I have made several friends on here as well as learning many things about things in different parts of the world. The earning part is secondary for me and I am always amazed that we can get paid for having fun! Good to see you!
@France7 (385)
• Philippines
29 Jan 09
Oh yes! I totally agree with you plum:) although i'm just a newbie here, i've come to appreciate this site because of the helpful information being posted. visiting this site is one good way to relieve stress, right?)