how much can you rely on the content on internet

@amitavroy (4823)
January 29, 2009 10:19am CST
hey guys i have a question. now a days any one can post any content on the internet. with things like blog and other services any tom d*ck and harry can write on any particular topic. so i want to know that how much do you depend on internet for valuable information. if you rely on books then it is a different issue. and if you rely on internet for information than what kind of websites do you look for. like i look for a lot of 3d tutorials and few good one are like etc... share your websites also for reference...
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• India
29 Jan 09
I think if you go to official website of the things you want you can rely on them. Plus i do trust certain blogs and certain forums like oracle, Sun, microsoft. These are things where you can seek solution or information about certain things, you can also cross check information on different sites.
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