Life anywhere else other than our solar system?

@krupesh (2608)
January 29, 2009 2:15pm CST
We all know that SUN is a STAR. There are millions and millions of stars .If Sun has Earth as its planet and with life in it , I think there will be more stars like Sun which have planets like Earth with life in them. What do you say about this?
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@mkmoney (468)
29 Jan 09
no not really i dont think theres anyin the our solarsystem but i belive that there are aliens invading a nother Galaxy somewhere million n billions miles away and there getting closer to earth and in 100 years time earth wil be taken over by other creatures (incuding aliens) sciencetists beilve that aliens had crashed a aircraft ages ago and the american goverment has got it and is reaseacring about it and not tellin anyone else about it and can you see that the world has changed alot its becuase of that aircraft thats why latest technology is comming out and if you dont belive me then check it out people have recorded unusual flying objects and put it on youtube cya have a nice day!