Who else thinks its amazing that animals were put on this earth to love and

@autunno (350)
United States
January 29, 2009 10:47pm CST
comfort us.I love my cats.They are always home,do not care what I look like,and never judge me on bad decisions (well if food is involved thats diffrent)..I know many older people would be lost without their pets to love .Animals have almost an angel quality to them. I see cats as little humans(well my cat :))she seems to communicate with me and I understand and visa versa...I would be totally lost without my little fur balls.Adopt A pet if you can care and love them the way they should be treated.Not only a blessing to them but you as well...Please share an of your cute animal stories..Meow!
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@goldeneagle (6774)
• United States
31 Jan 09
I have three Chihuahuas. They always run to the door and greet me when I get home from work at night. They keep me going through the hard times. It is amazing that they actually seem to know when they need to come lick me on the hand or whatever. They actually seen to know what I am saying to them. They are good little companions, especially since I rarely get to see my wife. When I woke up this morning, one of them was stretched out next to me and she had her head laying on my arm. Another one was curled up in a ball next to my feet. The third one was sleeping next to my wife. I can't imagine life without them...
• Australia
30 Jan 09
Hey there. My children and I have a pet rabbit. His name is Rabbit, he lives in the backyard, he has his little straw bed in the laundry and he is so cute and cuddly. Although it is recommended that we do not cuddle rabbits that much, its such a temptation to cuddle it, so we give him a cuddle everyday just to let him know we love him. He does have a cage or a rabbit hutch as he is the family pet, we treat him so too. Well, you dont put a dog or a cat in a cage, so why put a rabbit in one. He is very tame, he loves the run of the backyard and lazes around in the sun and eats the grass, he has never tried to escape, so hes pretty cool. Sometimes he gets very cheeky and comes into the loungeroom and sits on the top of the lounge and chills with us, he gets his little pats, we feed him his carrots, they are his favorite food, and he just sits there watching us. Oh, on the topic about cats, yes they are very good companions. Have you ever heard anyone say, "a cat owns you, you do not own the cat", very true in my opinion. Its cupboard love. My aunty used to say that about her cats. You sound as though you have a very special bond with your cat, that is awesome!
@raynejasper (2324)
• Philippines
30 Jan 09
..well, i quite agree with you.. but it would be vice versa.. we need to earn there love.. we have to show them first that we care and love them.. in return, they will also learn to love us and in their own special way, they comfort us.. sometimes, they even seem to understand our feelings..