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@blogs86 (370)
January 29, 2009 11:40pm CST
what is the most grievous moment and the most pleasant moment in your life? i mean to say the most grievous moment when you fell indignity(being humiliated)by someone's behavior and secondly the most pleasant moment in your life when you fell most happiness. i think that this question is little bit personal, but if we think that is the part of our life, sometimes painful and some times joyful experiences then there is nothing wrong to share..thanks and happy mylotting(",)
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@moondancer (7433)
• United States
30 Jan 09
When you said the most grievious time, I can only thingk of this as the time that my grandson 19 months old drowned in the pool in my back yard. I wasn't home I went to attend to some things for my daughter while she got ready for work. The door locks were locked all of them, they all locked in different ways and different directions. My oldest grandson, age 3 had never opened them...this day he figured them all out! Their mother ot aware of this didn't think anything of it. Then she heard the water splashing.She thought at first I must have come home and took them out to play as I did everyday. I wasn't there...the children were at the pool alone. She suddenly realized that something was wrong, that gut feeling that you know the one that says you must check on them. SHe went out there to her grief the baby was floating face down and the eldest was at the edge of the diving board reaching out for his brother about to fall in himself. SHe told him no, and got him to get down. She was going to get the baby. She tried so hard by cpr to save him. An ambulance was called, he didn't make it. I lost it...I couldn't live there anylonger when the baby was all I saw everywhere as they lived with me. I took care of them everyday while my daughter worked and got some sleep. Our lives were turned inside out. The times that were the best for me was when I had my children and the births of my grandchildren. These are the best high lights of my life. Equal to this is meeting my husband and us being together.
@raynejasper (2322)
• Philippines
30 Jan 09 grievous moment was when I was in 4th grade when my father humiliated me infront of many audience.. That was during the graduation of me elder sister.. I really feel bad about that.. However, I still try to understand my father.. He was actually a little bit drunk that time.. But still, I feel very bad.. On the contrary, the most joyous day of my life is when I saw my baby girl.. It was a very different feeling that I can't explain.. I just feel it inside me.. I was really really happy that I was given the chance to give birth to a baby girl..