Do you have your Date on Valentines Day?

Date - Have someone to show you love.
@ShanLhey (164)
January 30, 2009 2:28am CST
Guys are you in a hurry having your date on Valentines Day? Uhmm, well no need to rush. There's is so much to do that day. You have your friends, family and relative of course you boyfriends and girlfriends. What do you usually wear? Do you like wearing red colored stuff like clothes, accessories and bag just to show you're in love.:)) Dont be shy, try to show the real you. Make a difference. As for us SINGLE,:)) We should not be unhappy. Try to join some of the event in your area likae speed dating. Though you dont have you boyfriend or girlfriend, still you have experienced dating on Valentines Day. So guys, common share us what you think.:) Happy myLotting.
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