Biography of Einstien!

United States
January 30, 2009 4:49am CST
Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist.He is best known for his theory of relativity and specifically mass–energy equivalence, expressed by the equation E = mc2. Einstein's many contributions to physics include his special theory of relativity,which reconciled mechanics with electromagnetism and his general theory of relativity, which was intended to extend the principle of relativity to non-uniform motion and to provide a new theory of gravitation. . His other contributions include statistical mechanics and their application to quantum theory, an explanation of the Brownian movement of molecules, atomic transition probabilities, the quantum theory of a monatomic gas, thermal properties of light with lowradiation density (which laid the foundation for the photon theory), atheory of radiation including stimulated emission , the conception of a unified field theory, and the geometrization of physics.
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