@bamakelly (5193)
United States
January 30, 2009 8:22am CST
Have you heard of a pre-nuptial agreement and did you ever enter into a marriage with that type of agreement? I was also wondering what you think of one of those agreements.
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• Malaysia
2 Feb 09
hi bama when a couple start a relationshp or partnership with thoughts or prospects of "i will loose when we split" ... there is no success or future in the partnership ..this is very common in swestern countries n artists or rich people for a commoner like me, i will just bend and twist and turn to make the relationship work out ... if in situations where beating, or hurtful things happen in the relationship then you can consider leaving my conclusion, if i dont trus the man i marry then "pre-nup" is important ..but look at britney spears, she is sill paying her ex-husband ... cheers
@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
30 Jan 09
I believe that these are necessary. In my country after a couple reach five years everything is to be shared half and half. Can you imagine a loser coming in your life and don't contribute nothing but hurt and pain and leaving with half of your wealth. Well if I am getting married this guy will have to signed a pre-nuptials. If I should be in another relationship as it reach four years this guy as to signed that there is nothing in the relationship for him but what he took with him or if it so happen that we purchases things in between those will be sold and the cash divided. There are too many persons gaining after other hard work and sacrifices. Kerry