Helpful people abroad

@maximax8 (31177)
United Kingdom
January 30, 2009 12:36pm CST
I have just come home from traveling in lovely South Africa. I took my toddler son to Cape Town and the Garden Route. We had a wonderful time but did have a couple of problems. I get an ATM machine in a shop and tried to get out R2000. However all I got was an advice slip and no money. A lady kindly got a shop assistant to help me. He took me to the bank however it has just closed. I was leaving Cape Town in the morning so I was worried. Amazingly a bank clerk let me in. They phoned by bank in the UK and they told me the money hadn't gone out of my account. So I was relieved and the bank clerk helped me get out R2000 to pay for my accommodation. Both the shop assistant and bank clerk were very kind to me. Wow! Have you ever had anyone help you when you have been in a foreign country?
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@aseretdd (13732)
• Philippines
2 Feb 09
I remember the first time i went out of the country... we had to stop over at L.A.... and i wanted to call my sister... but did not have change... so i tried to search for a store that can change my $5 bill... when this lady asked me what i was looking for... when i told her my situation... she immediately handed me the change i needed... without even taking my bill... so that was very nice... and she did not even know who i am...
@marketing07 (6266)
• South Korea
30 Jan 09
hi maxima, when i went to singapore... i left my wallet on the counter..i never noticed it..but when i was already at the airplane i heard thru intercon that they are calling my name..and the police came and ask about me..i dont have any idea, i was so scared...but after few minutes asking my whereabouts..i was so shocked to see my was a good and honest people i ever experience
@maddysmommy (16232)
• United States
30 Jan 09
I'm glad you found two kind people to help you out maximax. I know I would have been worried too.
@ellie333 (21018)
30 Jan 09
Hi Maxine, So glad to hear that you are back and had a wonderful time. There are lovely people all over the world and in this situation you were blessed with meeting wo more. I had a cab driver take a $10 bill for payment in Pariss from the Lettitia Hotel to the airport as I hadn't realised I had run at of Francs (currency at the time) and I didn't have any English oney on me either which I was very grateful for other wise I would have missed my plane as a meeting had over run and a friend had packed my case and gone to the airport ahead of me. Huggles. Ellie :D
@snowy22315 (105135)
• United States
30 Jan 09
You are really lucky that you had that situation. Most places would not have done that for you. Fortunately I have never encountered any problems when traveling abroad. I think the worst thing that ever happened was when I was with my husband in London and he lost his wallet on a ride on bus and someone took out seventy dollars in cash and he had to cancel all of his credit cards.