Does your child get ignored at daycare?

United States
January 30, 2009 1:35pm CST
Is it try that a child gets ignored at daycare or school if he or she looks a certain way? I have a friend that works at a center and she tells me all the time make sure you dress baby girl cute everyday and make sure she smells good i know you give her baths every night but still........and i would laugh like if you know this why are you telling me this and she would say that daycare center teachers treat the kids how they look meaning if your child looks dirty they get looked over, if your child looks nice they get more attention. I thought she was just being silly but one day I sent my 3 yr old to daycare with a recorder in his bag (it was like a spy cam really) and that day nothing really happened but a few days later I heard a teacher telling another teacher that one of her kids smelled like Sh*t everyday...............WOW! and she didn't help him in the restroom b/c of this reason. Do you think it's wrong for her not to mention it to the parents?
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22 Sep 09
Sometimes I believe it is difference in temperment, more so than appearance. Some kids are just easier to care for. Others make it more difficult. Does that mean they are less worthy of care and attention? Of course not. Does it mean you spend more time being annoyed with them? Probably. As long as you are treated everyone fairly and making certain everyone gets personal attention, I think it will be fine. Every parent, and child, are different. Some want to wear their shoes all day, some don't. Some scarf down their food at every meal, some take two bites and say they are full. Some hate having a dirty diaper, others could stink up the joint all day and not even notice. Some put every single toy they pick up in their mouth, while others are content to take each and every toy apart out of curiousity. Watching children has a plethora of challenges attached. While dressing your child cute and clean may help, it is not guarantee that every teacher they have will dote on them.
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• Netherlands
17 Apr 09
I work in daycare myself and I am ashamed to hear this actually takes place. Things like this should allways be discussed with parents. As long as the child attends daycare you are like a part-time legal guardian and should handle in the childs best interest. If that best interest is to get better hygiene than you should see to it that the child gets it. This may mean an awkward conversation with parents, but you owe it to the child to take these steps. Judging someone on appearance is very bad, but to do it to a child that doesn't even have the power to maintain himself... I don't think I can find the right words.
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4 Mar 09
I have worked in many different daycare center. I have seen that some teachers do treat certain kids better than others. personally, I, myself would never do that. I think that is so wrong. All children should be treated and loved the same regardless of race, weight cleanliness, etc.