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the new gen time - sand timer generation of new
@blogs86 (370)
January 31, 2009 2:06am CST
its true new, they are new in every thing- in disrespect, misbehave, wrong in every thing almost and the lists is very long, we keep hear that this is the most wrong generation ever comes or will come in the future, i don't think its true, what do you think?
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@tryxiness (4544)
• Philippines
2 Jun 09
Hmmm... I can not generalize all, but I always believe that if the kid is grounded with the values the parents have inculcated on them, then the kid will grow well. I guess, often the issue is generational gap like most of the kids now are assertive unlike before kids were trained to just follow what their parents tell them though the kids feel violated already.
@rosdimy (3926)
• Malaysia
31 Jan 09
It is not completely the fault of the new generation for their current behaviour. Children learn from their parents, their teachers, and everything else around them. Parents and teachers should look into themselves before condemning the new generation. Let me give a few examples. The new generation is accused as being disrespectful toward their parents and teachers. Respect is something which needs to be earned. How can parents expect their offspring to respect them when they do not even respect the views of their offspring? The new generation is accused of misbehaviour. Peobably they learned it from their parents who do things without considering other people because of the status they have gained. The list that I can write on is longer but I think the two points given above are sufficient to make you understand what my thoughts are on this matter. all the best, rosdimy