Your PC a fancy or simple one?

@user_786 (1338)
January 31, 2009 7:34am CST
What kind of PC you have. Do you like having a fancy casing and stylish keyboard, mouse, etc ? I have standard grey color casing and keyboard, mouse. What is the color of your PC parts?
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• India
2 Feb 09
i have fanct keyboard it is brabded as office keyboard every one who sees my keyboard says that it is easy to type on my keyboard but they find it difficult to type when thay acctually do.
@reon862 (134)
• United States
31 Jan 09
i use a Toshiba Satellite laptop with some added ram. It's not a supercharged gaming laptop that costs around 1500-2000 bucks, but it's a nice 500 dollar laptop that handles most games on low settings. usb wired gaming mouse is all i sport alongside my laptop
@h8739182 (448)
• India
31 Jan 09
i have a IBM workstation so basically i never had a choice of many colors. By default "BLACK" is the color of IBM :-) I have one more assembled system at home but it is a very simple system nothing fancy in that. I guess people who are more into had core gaming prefer a fancy system. Take care.
@godwinnv (58)
• Philippines
31 Jan 09
my PC is simple yet reliable... i don't care about the appearance of it nor accessories attached to it. Performance is what i'm lookin' to it. :)
@josephb (219)
• Malta
31 Jan 09
No I'm using a simple pc I focus on the inside mostly and not the outside XD my pc has a standart case with an LED light in the front a small one actually haha and the case is black with some grey on it nothing special , my mouse is a bit fancy then it has a laser and the colour of the laser which is read comes out of the top of my mouse with two scrolls XD then a 17" monitor it isn't a widescreen one and a 7.1 surround speakers XD
@treviewz (66)
• Singapore
31 Jan 09
As for me, I am using a tablet PC also known as a laptop which is really cool though but I did had a Desktop PC though. I always look forward to a simple one rather that a fancy one. There are a lot of reasons not to choose a fancy one. One of the reason is that it might be very expensive compared to a simple one. A simple PC meaning I look for performance than something fancy. Computers are suppose to be fast, efficient and smooth (without any stalling). I mean, What is the point of having a fancy PC that does not have performance and it is really frustrating when you want to use in time of need. That is why I choose a PC that is simple. Of course, other hardware such as keyboard or mouse can be fancy if you want to be if it is comfortable to use. If the mouse or the keyboard is uncomfortable to use but it is fancy, I still rather choose a simple one.
• India
31 Jan 09
i have midium categoty type pc means not very fansy and very simple. i have a black pc with gray shads