How do you deal with arrogant people? Do you know the meaning of schadenfreude?

@inkyuboz (1366)
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
January 31, 2009 9:57am CST
Sometimes, I simply ignore these boastful and pompous types of people. When you're competing with them, they will usually think they're way ahead of you even before the competition starts and will just brag about it to everyone. PRIDE can help you out, but when you're so full of it, I think it will also hurt so much more when you fall down. How I love it when they bite their own tongues after a miserable failure. By the way, "Schadenfreude" is the term used for "delight in another person's misfortune". I think it applies to me when I deal with these arrogant "beings". Am I wrong if I laugh at them when they fail? Do you think arrogance is just another term for confidence? How do you deal with arrogant people? Discuss.
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@nikky28 (1572)
• India
31 Jan 09
Arrogance and confidence are not synonymous. Arrogance can be from either over confidence or insecurity. There are also chances that some people can be mistaken to be rude when they actually have no intention to be so. If they are really pompous and over confident it is a disadvantage to them as it is not advisable to underestimate one's enemy. Some people deliberately choose to be arrogant to come across as being formidable and have authority. The fact remains that such people would be considered unapproachable and eccentric and may not win many friends. Humility is a great power that is tough to achieve.
• Philippines
21 Feb 09
arrogance is the foggy area you see when wisdom and stupidity merge, as most people who brag about being wise are doing a very stupid thing. wisdom and intelligence are best not flaunted. the truly wise and genuinely intelligent do not boast of their "intelligent interests" or "preference for profound books." or, in myLot, they do not claim to have "intelligent discussions while others have stupid ones." to call someone stupid IS stupid. so arrogance is, to me, the number one sign that a person is deluded about his intellectual capacity. if you see arrogant people, it is best to ignore them. going down to their level is simply not worth it. after all, you are the intellectual. and they're just being arrogant. ^_^
@inkyuboz (1366)
• Mandaluyong City, Philippines
20 Mar 09
I have to disagree with you here. Sometimes, when you choose to ignore these arrogant people they tend to try harder. I just find them more annoying than before...