I love to write..

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January 31, 2009 11:59am CST
Hey everyone! I'm new to this topic... :) The truth is that I love to write, but sometimes I find myself with great ideas and so far from a pen.. and later I forget what I had thought about lol!! I love poetry and I used to write some when I was younger, but then life got in the way, and well, they are now distant memories on scrap paper. Where do you find inspiration for your words? How many of you are poets? Has anyonw ever read the works of Khalil Gibran? I'm sure I've spelled it wrong!
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@cd_lear (74)
1 Feb 09
I do like to write myself but don't find the time or the inspiration as much as I would like. I find myself the most inspired when travelling on holidays. I have found myself on more than one ocassion walking into a shop and buying a new notebook because I feel like writing. I have a small Eee PC laptop that i take with me everywhere now. I was waiting for my plane on Friday and had the laptop on my knees writing away.
@KrauseHome (36731)
• United States
1 Feb 09
Well, I Love to write, and have written many poems myself. I have even had the pleasure to have some of my Writings and such published in places when I was younger as well. Personally the thing I love about writing is being able to express your thoughts and feelings on paper in a way you might find to be encouraging to someone as well.
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31 Jan 09
I've got to carry a small notebook with a pen or a pencil around with me everywhere I go, or else my ideas and thoughts are lost too! It's so frustrating! I have a small notebook in my purse, on my nightstand, in my vehicle, and next to me wherever I sit in the living room. hehe I find a lot of inspriation by watching my children (there are five here ranging from age nine to sixteen), and our day to day lives.