I'm not a huge fan of folk music, thus I have some questions

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January 31, 2009 12:32pm CST
If you are a fan of sixties folk rock (Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Cat Stevens, etc.), I need a hand in the right direction. I am looking for lyrics pertaining to feminine oppression and lyrics pertaining to corporate greed for a couple of points I'm trying to make in a paper I'm writing for a Humanities course. If you have knowledge of folk music, could you please be kind enough to point me in the right direction in the way of search terms? Thanks very much in advance, Shannon PS: I may be back asking for help in the area of Punk rock as well lol
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2 Feb 09
Sounds like an interesting course. I am sorry to say I can't think of anything to contribute to your research at the moment but I am responding so that I can have a quick link to your discussion and can check back later to see if you get any good responses. Good luck!
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17 Apr 09
I appreciate you stopping by and the time you took checking back. I barely remember writing this paper, since I've written boocoo's in between then and now. lol You get the BR