Effect of colours in life?

colour effect - Colour around you affect your mental condition
January 31, 2009 1:49pm CST
Can anybody having knowledge about effect of colours in mental conditions? I m aware about some colours Red-create anger White- create headache Please share your knwoledge about colours.
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@saw2207 (1359)
• United States
10 Jul 09
hi ranviruchauhan, it is hard for me not to think of things in color. . . numbers give me a headache so colors are usually the way I work things out for me Red isnt so much anger as it is a color that calls for attention . it is a color that stimulates the brain . .it is the color that when we are driving it always means to STOP (sighs and traffic lights) blue also stimulates brain action but with blue it is more of a creative color . it also brings a relaxed and calm feeling .. hospitals use alot of blue. Yellow is a color of happy and sunshine. . notice it is also the color that highlighters usually come in . that is because yellow stimulates memory and is a great color for communications. Green is a renewing color...it stimulates growth. It also is the color of peace. White is a color says cleanliness and it is neutral . isnt that why you suppose that Dr.'s coats are always white . .it projects purity . brides are usually always in white . .and one dreams of a white picket fence. . clean and pure and safe home! Black a very powerful color. . women use it all the time to look thinner! It is a authoritative color and mysteriously evokes possibilities. Purple is magical...it is a color of nobility . .a mix of red and blue...it offers creativity and canbe very uplifting
• India
13 Jul 09
nice information provide by you. very happy to got response after long time. i am agree with your observation.