do you paly are have played runescape?

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January 31, 2009 6:59pm CST
I was wondering if any one here plays rune scape or has played rune scape in the past and has quite the game. If you did play it what was your level and skill levels? i play rune scape and my combat level is 43 used to be 70 but he got hacked. my current players user name is chestla like on this forum. What was your way that you made money mine was air rune running. in fact I'm running airs right now as I'm posting this.
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3 Feb 09
hey chestla want to start of by saying i do play runescape, currently im 121cb and i make my cash in many ways. most of the time i just did some wc, fishing, mining and farming. i havnt been focusing on making much money, but rather training my lower skills. i still do my daily farm runs, which make me like 200k profit per day for a couple of minutes of work. secondly just wanted to point out you have posted this discussion under the wrong topic. under your interest put runescape as one of them, and next time you post a runescape related discussion, you can choose the rs option. this way more people who play the game runescape will see your discussion.
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4 Feb 09
i figured out there was a runescape interest section 1 day after i posted this.
@megaalgos (193)
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1 Feb 09
I do, my character is lvl 78. I made money from cutting yew trees down. I think my total lvl is 1158 or somewhere near there. My player name is the same as my name too. Megaalgos.