How to make our blog to be wellknown?

January 31, 2009 7:10pm CST
It is a standard question to every blogger: How to get another people to visit our blog, so that we can increase our blog traffic. Not only that, how can we make that visitor to come back later. Anyone here wants to share? Every little tips welcomed. If you don't mind. You can also share your daily, weekly, or monthly blog traffic here. Thank you..
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@aatravel (42)
• Morocco
6 Mar 09
hello check this link i think it's gona help : and see at SEO Help Section, they give a good Advices for Bloggers and Website's Owners ;)
26 Feb 09
As has been suggested, Entrecard is one way. Personally, I don't like it: it takes up way too much space on the page and is a pain in the (insert body part here). that's just me, though - a lot of people say it's brilliant. Another service is, where you can get listed easily and visit up to 30 other blogs per day to move yourself higher up in their directory. I have my main blog on there and it gets 10-20 extra hits a day, has had some really nice reviews and has also picked up a subscriber or two. Make sure you're listed on and as many other catalogs as you can find (blogcatalog and so on). Don't forget to ping them when you update ( is good for that if your blog host doesn't do it automatically). Submit to all the search engines you can find. I used for that (which I found on linkreferral - yes, it does work, lol). It submits to about 300 engines and seemed to run OK for my site. Update social networks when you post. Digg/Delicious/etc. can be used when you pst something big, Twitter is good for constant tracking. Make sure your RSS feed is prominent and updated (done when you ping those sites I mentioned earlier). Visiting other blogs and commenting - and by that I mean REAL comments, not just "nice blog" or "interesting" - is a good habit, too. Make sure your signature includes your blog URL. One of my regular visitors is from a blog called - I visited his, commented a few times and he dropped in on mine. Turns out we really like each other's work, so we both subscribe: that's the kind of thing that visits can cause. Answer all comments on your blog. ALWAYS. Conversation encourages people to come back. Return visitors, however, mostly come back because the content is good and interesting. An example? OK. My writing blog (the one in my profile, my 'main' blog) was averaging about 50 hits a day when I was posting on a lot of different subjects. Recently, I decided to focus 90% on the craft of writing and cut out a lot of the other stuff. Over the next three days, I posted a three-part discussion of writing in the first and third person. My traffic doubled. It's stayed up around the 90-a-day mark since then, slowly creeping higher. That instantaneous doubling is pretty significant: it was good content (for once!) that encouraged discussion and got people talking. Maybe one day it'll be thousands of visits, but for the moment I'm pretty happy with almost hitting 3 figures regularly!! Hope it helps.
@jonivl (15)
• United States
1 Feb 09
I have two suggestions for you: 1. Go to It's a free system where bloggers visit each other's sites, creating traffic. 2. Create a list of favorite blogs and regularly visit and comment on their blogs. Most will return the favor and create traffic.
• India
1 Feb 09
hello there, looks like you have started a blog recently that you want to promote....... well, to make more people visit your blog, many people should know about it in the first place. so, if yours is a new blog....try telling people about it. you can try in social networking sites like this, orkut or facebook....also, tell your friend about it. if you know any one who has a successful blog, you can tell them to place your blog's link in their sidebar.this can get many people who visit that blog to come and visit your blog too......:-) and about "how can we make the visitor to come back"---well, all that depends on your blog should be interesting enough for that person to come back and check it out again.