Young and the Restless - Lot happened this week, but nothing unusual....

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January 31, 2009 11:04pm CST
Well in a week....Brad dissapears after helping Noah, who fell through the ice because he and Eden lied about their whereabouts and ended up all but stranded in the snow storm. Noah is fine, but Brad is missing. Sharon retreats to a cabin and all athe men in town run to her rescue to try to be the shoulder she crys on and she turns them away, while she writes this disgusting letter to Nik asking if there is a chance they can reunite, nad then crumbles it, but of course, misses the fire as she tosses it in that general direction. WIsh she'd get stranded up there for a few years! Things heat up between Michael and Lauren and Nik and Phylis because the kids lied to three of them and of course, Perfect all knowing Nik would have known it was a lie.. and not let them go... so he has to run up to the cabin to tell Sharon all about Noah, now that they have found him and he is going to be fine and of course you know what is going to happen... he or Phylis who will tail him up there will find that letter and depending on who finds know what will happen. Victor buys Glorias Jabot shares, offers Billy a job and is trying to wrangle Brad out of his seat on the Board and his daughter. Yada, Yada. Michael finds Mrs. C's ring and is convinced she is Mrs. C... which is getting rather ho-hum.. So....other than the Mrs. C's caper - can't think of a single reason to tune in next week.. can you?
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1 Feb 09
Thanks for the update I have'nt got to watch since tuesday I am getting YNR withdrawlsWont get to watch Monday or Tuesday either,my huband broke his leg and we have been going to see specialist and Monday is surgery day so I will be at the hospital.You mean Sharon did'nt give Brad a great big kiss for saving her son,and of course Nick has to run up there if those two get back together I am going to throwupSharon need to be the one that leaves the show instead of have a great night.