Are boys prone be more deviant than girls?

@tjades (3591)
February 1, 2009 12:40am CST
I think that the evidence would in fact show that boys are more deviant. Sure there are many many girls who are deviants but if the prison populations, arrest made ect... is anything to go by then the males far outweigh the females. Why is this so? Is it that the boys get less disciplinary attention at home than the girl does? Are males allowed to get away with too much at a tender age simple because they are boys? Are the differences in gender behavioural tendencies a result of nature or nuture? Parents do seem to keep a tighter leash on their girls than on the boys. I believe that much of what takes place in our society is as a direct result of the abscence of for the most part an active and reliable male figure in a boy's life. Too many are left to be brought up by the gangs and other deviant male figures in the society. Do you find that you keep a tighter leash on your daughter than you do on your son? If you have siblings, have you noticed that your parents treat you and your sister/brother with the same level of trust and freedom? Do share your thoughts on this and any evidence to back up your point is welcomed.
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