Do you shop with ethics in mind?

February 1, 2009 5:37am CST
Just curious, as we are all different. When you go shopping, whether its for food, clothes or anything else, do you always think about the ethics of the item you ae buying? For example, when you buy food, do you consider whether it has been shipped in from another country when you could save food miles buy buying a local version instead, or do you think about whether the producer got a fair wage for the product, or whether child labour or animal cruelty had been involved? I know we all have to make compromises in life, and sometimes we buy things that we know are less than ideal, and of course sometimes the choice is limited and we can't by fairtrade, local or whatever, but it is an issue I think about a great deal and I try very hard to make informed choices and take personal responsibility for my actions. Just wondered how important this was to other people.
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@Ravenladyj (22920)
• United States
1 Feb 09
OmG no..I wish I had the luxury of doing that but the truth is its hard enough trying to find decent quality produce and keep up with what the best deals are etc since we are on a budget thats tight..nevermind what you are talking about....
• France
1 Feb 09
thats interesting, I reckon I save loads more money buy thinking carefully about my shopping as usually it means I buy local and that is cheaper for me than stuff that has come a long way. For things like clothes, an individual garment may cost a little more, but lasts loads longer becasue I am no longer buying cheap, poorly made items, so I save money in the end. Most important to my budget, if I thnk carefully about an object before purchase, I may decide not to buy it if I can't satisfy myself of its ethical background, and not buying is the best saving at all!