laugh aloud, say goodbye to worries !

@tudors (1556)
February 1, 2009 6:59am CST
A cheerful smile on your face can never be begged, borrowed or stolen but can be shared, exchanged. It helps to build your confidence and chase away your blues like the sunshine light the dark corner of your heart. Along with walks, equally important is laughter. Walks make a long life and laughter is the secret of a happy life. When a person laughs, it is sheer joy, delight, amusement, peace of mind, serenity of heart. When a person laugh, it builds up the mood, creats opportunity and invites friends. They say laugh and the world laugh with you, cry and you cry alone. A piece of small joke to those who read my post. A young pupil is boasting about his father by saying this: my father is the branch manager. His classmate asks "then what kind of firm is he managing?" "none, he looks after trees."
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@huaduo (40)
• China
20 Feb 09
very correct, tudors, laughter is the best gift humans ever have.