What do you prefer?Nightlife or daytime?

@fastyr (122)
February 1, 2009 7:12am CST
its just a simple thing to ask but with a very deep meaning... but does it matter to you on what type of time you enjoy most!! can tell me? =
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@cambiste (1244)
• India
1 Feb 09
I prefer nighttime. You can guess why - its a whole lot quieter. And i find that i can study more if i sit up at night than trying to study early in the morning. Moreover, most of the people who trouble you arent awake. Its amazing how clear your mind will be at night. When studying for exams, i always prefer sitting up at night than studying in the evening. The things i read at night, will be fresh in my mind for the next day's exam. The only disadvantage is, if tehre are 2 exams per day, it never works out for. I sleep though one, and cant use my brain to the fullest. Happy mylotting.