Do you get travel sick??

February 1, 2009 7:14am CST
As i right this i feel really sick and its because i was just in a car... i get really travel sick does anyone else get travel sick and how can i stop it??
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@donsky14 (5961)
• Philippines
1 Feb 09
I don't really get car sick during travel. I guess its because ever since I was a baby my parents were bringing me with them on their trips so I got use to traveling. As on how to stop it, I think there are medicines which could help you out on that. I hope you feel better soon sarah.
1 Feb 09
thanks :)
@maximax8 (30101)
• United Kingdom
2 Feb 09
I can get travel sick if I haven't eaten before a ride in a car or a trip in a bus. On a ferry I can get sea sick if the ocean is rough with high waves. I like to look out of the window and get some fresh air if the window can open a little. In a car I like to sit in the front passenger seat and in a bus I like to get a window seat near to the front. On a ferry I have to sit next to a window and go on deck when I need fresh air. Wrist bands might help you or ginger biscuits. Good luck.
@zhuhuifen46 (3484)
• China
1 Feb 09
I often got travel sick on the first days, especially when riding on zigzag road in the hills. But after a period, I get used to it, and began to enjoy the scenery and meals. In about one or two weeks, I regain my energy and walk swiftly. When everything is ok with me, usually it is the time to be back. To avoid being sick, i would take some medicine, but again it makes you sleeping all along the trip. So unless on really bad conditions, i will prefer withstanding the torture without. Travel is fun, but often accompanied by challenges. That is life.