Why don't people get back to you on craigslist?

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United States
February 1, 2009 8:19am CST
I've listed quite a few good things on craigslist to sell and although I've done well selling them there are always a bunch of people who will respond asking if an item is still available and once I reply back that it is I don't hear from them again. I usually wait a day or two and ask them if they are still interested and still no reply back to me. They either want it or they don't and I feel it's only courteous to tell me if they don't!!! Do you use craigslist at all? Have you ever bought something from someone? Have you ever sold something and experienced the same thing I have?
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• United States
19 Aug 09
Ive been on both sides of this dilemma before... As the seller, I'm nearly always disappointed when someone replies, and then no word from them again. But I'm also disappointed when they get back to me and say they don't want it. so sad. :) As the buyer who doesn't get back to you again, I'm a rather busy person and do not necessarily feel obligated to reply given my decision to not buy your stuff. I just think people don't want to waste their time if they're not buying anything. And all the better!~ why waste your inbox space?