I love to sing... i love to hear beautiful voice...ONLY!

February 1, 2009 10:46am CST
I love to sing and i enjoy my own voice- that i proud with it. its my own angelic voice. they may say i have good voice, bad, or medium, whatever... thats my voice. I do like to watch the american idol... its nice. but i hate if the contestant has bad voice- even they have beautiful face. For me, face not count! Whoeverthe person, if he or she has bad voice, the person is crazy because he/she never knew what is her/his limitation. Some western song- sounds terrible even they singer is very popular. for me, i hate those songs... but i have no choice if i should listen that song while in the taxi or in the mall... no choice even its sound terrible!!!
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@roniroxas (10568)
• Philippines
8 Feb 09
i am a singer by profession. i started singing earlier than before i start walking . i joined the choir during my toddler years and started to sing in bands when i was 17. now i am 38 had a lot of experience on singing and performing and i also sometimes accept training singers. some of the students i trained sing abroad already. i help people in a way i can specially the new singers and the young ones. if they take my advice then thank you if not then thank you.
@AXLAERO (426)
• Philippines
3 Feb 09
i also love to sing.eversince i was a kid,i wanted to be a singer.i admire some of my relatives who have a great voice.they can perform on stage and sing in different places and countries.that's why i told myself that one day,i will become singer too.singing is one kind of expressing your feelings.especially when the song you are singing can relate to you.