do you like to help othes and denote others?

February 1, 2009 8:38pm CST
do you? and how often and how many do you denote? if you meet a beggar ,do you give them money? and do you have extra money and if you want to give them? Are you a kind-hearted person in your mind?
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• Canada
2 Feb 09
I donate money to several organizations on a regular basis, yes. I try to give what I can but it gets difficult when these same organizations start calling me more and more often. "You gave money for "X" and we were wondering if you would now like to give money for "Y" This bothers me. I know that they rely on donations and the kindness of people but it's really hard to say no to causes you support... but in these economic times, it's not possible to give every time. I don't always give money to people on the street. It often depends how they approach me. If they are really aggressive or make me uneasy, then no. You ask if I'm a kind-hearted person in my mind... I think this can only be judged by others, really, but in reply I'd have to say "I hope that I am."
• China
2 Feb 09
thanks, but i have no intention to force others to denote in any website or organizations.hope you do not mistake.