using functions in crystal reports

August 25, 2006 4:27pm CST
can you make use of a user defined function (that is being used in oracle database) in crystal reports9. when i paste the query, i get an error saying "sql command not properly ended". can you let me know what's the error My query is like this: select distinct count(pu."center_code"), d1."description_text", c."country_indicator", hoc."column_number", pu."control_number", pu."donor_number", pu."head_of_control_employee_id", e."last_name" + " " + e."first_name", pu."head_of_control_status", pu."item_number_code", d2."description_text", trunc(pu."creation_timestamp"), dmsrep.get_hoc_test_result(1, pu."center_code", pu."control_number", 'G'), dmsrep. get_hoc_test_result(2, pu."center_code", pu."control_number", 'G'), dmsrep. get_hoc_test_result(3, pu."center_code", pu."control_number", 'G'), dmsrep. get_hoc_test_result(4, pu."center_code", pu."control_number", 'G'), dmsrep.get_hoc_test_result(5, pu."center_code", pu."control_number", 'G'), dmsrep.get_hoc_test_result(6, pu."center_code", pu."control_number", 'G'), dmsrep.get_hoc_test_result(7, pu."center_code", pu."control_number", 'G'), dmsrep.get_hoc_test_result(8, pu."center_code", pu."control_number", 'G'), dmsrep.get_hoc_test_result(9, pu."center_code", pu."control_number", 'G'), dmsrep. get_hoc_test_result(10,pu."center_code", pu."control_number", 'G'), dmsrep.get_hoc_test_result(11, pu."center_code", pu."control_number", 'G'), dmsrep. get_hoc_test_result(12, pu."center_code", pu."control_number", 'G') from head_of_control_tests hoc, plasma_units pu, donor_visits dv, employees e, centers c, descriptions d1, descriptions d2 where hoc."column_number" = 1 and hoc."center_code" = pu."center_code" and e."center_code" (+) = pu."center_code" and e."employee_id" (+) = pu."head_of_control_employee_id" and c."center_code" = pu."center_code" and d1."table_name" = 'CENTERS' and d1."ukey" = c."center_code" and d1."language_code" = 'G' and d2."table_name" = 'ITEM_NUMBERS' and d2."ukey" = pu."item_number_code" and d2."language_code" = 'G' and dv."center_code" = pu."center_code" and dv."control_number" = pu."control_number" and dv."center_code" = '010' and dv."visit_date" ='{?start_date}' and dv."visit_date"
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• United States
25 Aug 06
If I remember correctly, valid SQL syntax requires a semicolon at the end of the command. I'd try that and see if you still get the error.