how do you celebrate valentines day?

February 2, 2009 4:09am CST
either you are still single or married, we always celebrate valentines day. as long as you love a person and want to show that love, that needs for a celebration and valentines day is just a day to remind and assure the person we love of our love for them. that's my perception about valentines day. my mother in-law would not agree about celebrating valentines day specially to married couples. for her that's just a waste of money since we are already married. my husband is always out of the country because of his work, when he is here during valentines day, he would give me a bouquet of flowers and we would go out to celebrate. if his not around he would call me even if it's a bit expensive to call. for me, married couples should as much as possible celebrate this day. it doesn't mean you have to spend lot of money for this day, if you have a flower in your backyard use it and add personal touch on it, make an honest message on the card or make a special dinner. that would not cost expensive! even though you're married you still need assurance of love for each other.
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