Can you live with out your cell phone.....................

February 2, 2009 4:22am CST
cell phone is being a basic need for most of the persons now. can you imagine if we have no cell phone. then what is our life been. very tragic and so problmastic.
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@SuzyLong (775)
2 Feb 09
I don't think I could live without mine, I use it for personal needs, buiness needs, it's my calendar, my email, my camera, video player, Ipod, etc. I won't even go to the shop without mine, it's always with me no matter what. I remember before I got my first mobile, I had no way of ringing my mum if I needed picking up, only got messages from my friends about meeting in town when I got home from town, if anyone needed to contact me urgently they had to wait for me to get home. It's just so much easier now, anyone can get in touch with me at any time of the day.