your silliest line ever

February 2, 2009 7:50am CST
when your inlove, you say the most romantic words that you could...up to the point of promising to your partner that u will move the heavens just to have her. when my wife and i were stil on exclusively dating stage, we had several lover's quarrel. one day, she got mad at me and because of this, she didnt accept any of my calls or answered my text.gladly, i saw her on the city library....i tried talking to her but she refused. because i cant stand losing her, i told her with all my might that she cannot hide from me even if it takes forever looking for her...then i gave her a hug and i didnt let her go until she promised that we'l talk.
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• Philippines
3 Feb 09
your sweet.. hehehe my silliest line hehehe when i was caught cheating and am trying to win back my man.. i told him.. " dont forget. i'm just a girl standing in front of a boy.. asking him to love her." which i got from the movie notting hill.. hehehe and it works.. lolz
• Philippines
2 Feb 09
i told my ex girlfriend that i would die for her hehehehe maybe that is what i am doing now, slowly