Do you like watching movies with your friends or family.......

February 2, 2009 10:20am CST
We all see movies. but whose company is best? I enjoy both. i enjoy the company of my families and friends both. Both gives me a lot of enjoyment and happiness. What do you think about yourself.
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• China
6 Feb 09
i like to see movie of war or cartoon with family, my father and mother like these kinds of movie. and with my friends we would like to see a movie with a happy ending~ for me i prefer to see scared film myself~~~ all these is to do the same thing with the one you love and have a good time with them. enjoy is the most important!~
@j47lee (741)
• Canada
3 Feb 09
Weekends i watch a movie with my husband before going to bed...... its fun....
@anniepa (27510)
• United States
3 Feb 09
Usually if I watch a movie with anyone it's either with my daughter or my brother. My husband and I don't usually like the same likes black and white movies and John Wayne. When it comes to watching movies at home I kind of prefer to watch alone with my cats. That way if I want to pause it to go to the bathroom or to get a drink or snack I can and if I talk out loud or cry there's nobody here to hear me or to be disturbed. Annie
@mjanne (251)
• China
2 Feb 09
Me too. I love both. I'd like to watch movies with my families and friends. I want to share the feelings with them. Don't like to enjoy alone.I think good things should be shared. And we also can exchange ideas after watching. Especially good movies.
@Bionicman (3962)
• Czech Republic
2 Feb 09
It's always more fun to watch movies with a company. I enjoy to watch with both my friends and family.