how can we know he is listening or hearing ?

February 2, 2009 11:17am CST
Hi, I am working as part-time faculty of computer science... yesterday I was surprised because some of them students were seeing my face without moving their eyes. I thought they were good listeners but after completing lecture I was shocked they doesnt understood the topic what I said. students who were not seeing me said that they understood the topic very clearly. How can I proceed with these absent minded students ? how can I know whether listeners are listening or just hearing. Hearing does not involve attention. But looked like they were very attentive. Its a good joke in last week.What you will do find whether listener is concentrating or not ?
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@bows280 (184)
• Romania
2 Feb 09
listening doesn't always means understanding personaly i listened to lots of persons what they said but not always understood what they where trying to say maybe they have a different sense of understanding that means that you as a speaker should try to expose what you're saying in many different ways so you could be almoust sure at least 90 precent of the listeners understand
@katsalot1 (1619)
2 Feb 09
I suppose the best way to find out if they have been listening is to ask them a question about the thing you have been talking about. As bows280 said, listening doesn't mean understanding, so you do need some feedback from them.
@rosdimy (3935)
• Malaysia
7 Feb 09
People who are hearing or listening usually follow the speaker with their eyes. This means when the speaker moves of shifts position their eyes will also move. People with staring eyes usually have their minds somewhere else. So even if something happens in front of them they do not really notice what actually happened. Attentive students are the ones looking at the teacher, while absent minded students are the ones who stare into empty space. all the best in yout future lectures, rosdimy
@garychie (157)
• Philippines
7 Feb 09
As a student, I look at my teacher while she/he is instructing. That way i can listen very well to what she/he is saying, word for word..and if there are things that i don't understand, i ask. Students who just look at the teachers and don't bother to ask questions, they are just studying the teacher's look or appearance and do not understand and don't even care what she/he is teaching about. That's why i dont wonder if our teachers ask questions to those students who are just looking at them regarding the lessons they just taught and explained to us beause they are pretty aware that they dont listen. It is one way of testing the students' attentiveness and cooperation in the class. I remember my seatmate in my Econ class....Our teacher asked her a very simple question yet she didn't able to answer. What's funny was, she was not able to listen the question and answered the teacher with "Pardon Ma'am?". She simply was not listening the whole period.