It has been one of those days

@ersmommy1 (12595)
United States
February 2, 2009 1:31pm CST
I have been caring for my son most of the day. Got the kitchen cleaned up from the Superbowl get together we had. And that seems to be it every time I find a spare second the phone rings, there is a knock at the door, etc. It's 1:30 in the afternoon, my son just fell back to sleep. I haven't showered. Thank goodness my hubby made the coffee this morning or I'd still be wanting some. Ever have a day where you barely have time to breathe?
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@mtdewgurl74 (18159)
• United States
13 Feb 09
Yep, I have had one of those days but mine was that I had a massive migraine yesterday and it seemed I was constantly being bombarded with phone calls and visitors and the last thing I wanted or needed was to talk or have company. My head hurt so bad I had to give up on brushing my hair even. But I finally did get a shower at 8 o'clock last night. Our water had been off and this morning it is off again.
@gracie04 (4554)
• Philippines
3 Feb 09
Yes.. recently, i got hospitalized due to DM and it was terrible.. i don't have a stable job and i'm only depending on my online earnings.. those days were really stressful as we have no enough money to pay for my hospital bills.. we've got no choice but to ask for my uncle's help.. okay, he paid for the bills but he seemed not happy to help me out.. my family and relatives are against my partner and you know what my uncle did? he threatened my partner(he said he's going to put him on jail, etc) what the f**k! i mean, you don't have the right to treat my partner that way because he's really a good person.. he's been there to support me, he didn't go to work for two days just to make sure i'm okay, he paid the admission fee in the hospital, he paid for my meds, he paid for my blood glucose meter, he's paying for our rent, etc.. i've explained how wonderful my partner is but they don't bother to listen.. my mom and uncle told me that if i'm not going to leave my partner then i wouldn't get any financial help from them.. wheew!!!!
• India
3 Feb 09
These days, it is always "one of those days." My days are full with two loads of laundry (one in the morning, one in the evening), cleaning the house, helping with the cooking, purchasing the necessaries, rushing around for the baby's certificates, getting appointments for the baby's shots, along with soothing the crying baby, feeding baby, washing baby, massaging baby, working for a living, and so on and so forth. I take power naps every now and then when I feel like collapsing. LOL!! I am posting this just after feeding baby and singing him to sleep. Gosh, I never knew all these songs before. Funny how a baby inspires songs, isn't it? Cheers and happy Mylotting
@lilybug (21145)
• United States
3 Feb 09
I have had those kind of days. Not too recently, but back before Christmas I had several of them. I have been semi busy today, but nothing too major. I am glad you were able to get you kitchen cleaned up and hopefully you were able to get into the shower before too long.
@carl76 (123)
2 Feb 09
hiya,i know what you mean,i dont work at the moment so i cant complain but not so long ago i was on the go at work all day running the workshop,sorting out deliveries in and out of there and trying to keep customers complaints dealt with,then after 12 hours of that it was home to cook my dinner,clean up the house,bath and change and then if i was lucky i'd manage to stay awake for about an hours telly,but all respect to you i dont know if i could manage with kids all day,have a good one