HELP I just denied a friend by accident!

February 2, 2009 5:48pm CST
Hi all ok so this may seem silly but I am so new on here I just don't know how to fix this. The friend was Kent_smile ok so thats not the proper name but it was very similar. Of course when I type the wrong name in friend request box it says no user with this name, I knew that but I kinda hoped it would give me a list of possibles like some sites do and I would recognise the name and put everything right in mylot land. So do you know how I can fix this? do you know the member named something like Kent_smile or are you them reading this if so I am sorry it was a slip of the curser. I ment no offence. :}x
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2 Feb 09
Hi Sammy_pink. Why not open another tab and type, that will take You to thier homepage, you can try all the alternative spellings then without losing Your place in the main tab.
3 Feb 09
Hi JamesBong, I will try that, will have to be tomorrow tho i need sleep, just have to turn of the PC but its so hard to let go. I am obsessed hehe Thanks for the tip :)x