Caylee Anthony

@cher8558 (425)
February 2, 2009 9:20pm CST
Hi friends, Is anyone out there following the Caylee Anthony story? It is so, so sad. The two year old's skull and bones found 15 houses away from the grandparents house where the tot mom also lived. This tot mom has told so many lies, it is pathetic that they even listen to her. Judging from the stuff that's coming out that that little baby went through, it makes me wonder if she isn't better of in God's hands. Lord knows she won't be drugged to sleep anymore, or called snot nose. It just goes on and on. I am so involved in this case and just livid at the tot mom and what she is putting her poor family through. If you're following this, lets have a chat. Cheryl
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@mmiceli (382)
3 Feb 09
She was such a beautiful child. How could anyone do this to her? I've been following but I don't know the latest. All I know is the meter reader finding the baby. Can someone fill me in?
@cher8558 (425)
• Canada
4 Feb 09
Hi friend, It was nice to hear from you. Yes, Caylee was a beautiful baby. The latest is that her Grandfather had a breakdown and is in a hospital. He was going to kill himself. There's really not much more new news right now, but I watch Nancy Grace every night so I will see what's up tonight at 10:00. Talk to you soon. Cheryl
@mjmlagat (3170)
• Philippines
3 Feb 09
It's just one of the saddest and tragic stories ever in a life of small children. I really cannot imagine how a mother can do that! And I just don't like her arrogance and defiance when she speaks. That little girl is now for sure in the hands of Angels in Heaven.