As christians ,is it our duty to raise soldiers or servants??/

@GAGAN187 (287)
February 3, 2009 1:51am CST
In the terms of soldier- a fighter for the cause of all thats we believe is right. servant- one who exemplifies grace ,kindness and love in their actions and deeds.
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6 Feb 09
Why can't we do both, fight for a cause for which we believe while exemplifying grace, kindness and love?
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13 Feb 09
Yes, thank you for the right answer! Paul commands us to put on the whole armor of God, and Jesus commands us to serve one another. He didn't say "you be a servant, and you be a soldier". No, we are to be both at the same time!
@gjabaigar (2200)
• Philippines
9 Feb 09
^_^ Howdy!.... GAGAN187!.... I'm not just a soldier. I am a warrior within my child Christian spirit. Coz I am a child of God the God of the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ and I am his servant for the truth of His words. And as a child, servant, warrior of God I am also a sales agent. Promoting and selling or sharing of what I have or learned the truth about most high knowledge and most powerful pure divine wisdom of the Almighty God thru the most greatest salesman my teacher, my master the Lord Jesus Christ. And just like others I'm also still a working student and wants to learn more. ^_^ Peace!.... Bless us all!.... Thanks!.... and Enjoy!.... myLot!....
@dawon007 (184)
• India
3 Feb 09
For every society there are different roles for the people. St.Paul says that all of us can't becomme teachers at the same time. Some will have to be farmers to feed the society. Some others will have to weave to make clothes for every one.Another group of people will have to be masons to build houses. And there are many such roles without which the society wont work. A peacefull society needs a soldier to protect the land and keep vigil over the borders. Same is the case with servants. Without them much of the day to day works in a society wont happen. Christianity doesn't tell anybody not to join the army. All christians should be soldiers of faith and servants of god. Soldiers in the meaning that they die for our faith rather than kill anybody of a different faith. But we kill the devilish tendencies in us on our march to the eternal abode. We serve god not only by propagating our faith, but also by doing good and by praying for the needy, the sick, those in the purgatory and such and such.
@dededede (21)
• United States
3 Feb 09
Both. A soldier to say "Hey! This is what I belive in, and just because you have some idea doesn't mean I'm going to change!" to those who denounce God openly and claim that he isn't real. It's not to be mean, but to let them know that you are strong in your faith. A servent to show people what kind of god God actualy is. Since we are ambassoders for Christ, and to be an example of Christ for people, we should be willing to serve our fellow man (as long as it's not somthing out of God's law), God, and show love and Kindness. So to be strong in your faith, and serving to Jesus and your fellow man!
• Philippines
3 Feb 09
As Christians, we are supposed to make disciples who will make disciples...