Siters fighting

South Africa
February 3, 2009 5:32am CST
I have two beautiful sisters that have been in a fight for more than 2 years now. And somehow it always seems as if I'm placed in the middle. They're always asking what the other one is saying/doing/not doing and frankly I am so sick and tired of this. I love them both. I try to divide my visiting time between them and try to get them to make peace but to no avail. My question is ... How do I get them to bury the hatchet?
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• South Africa
3 Feb 09
My relationship is strained with my sister right now. I would say you have to get them to really realise how short life is and also to know how lucky they are to have family around. We also need to work on the art of forgiveness - I am struggling with that right now. But I'm working on it...
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• Canada
4 Feb 09
I might be wrong but it seems that your two sisters actually DO care about each other. Otherwise, they wouldn't be asking you about the other... what are they saying, doing or not doing. I don't blame you for being fed up at being caught in the middle. I think that, for your own sanity, you should refuse to be their middle man. Do not speak to one about the other for any reason at all. Maintain your good relationship with each of your sisters on your own. If they ask about each other, you may want to develop an answer that you give consistently... maybe something along the lines of "It would be better if you spoke to her directly." Nothing that's accusatory or angry on your part... just a simple statement that lets them know that you aren't going to play their game and don't give them any further information. Let them work out their problems between themselves. The fact that they even inquire about each other would make it appear that they could overcome their fight eventually... but they have to do that on their own. You can't be the one to do it for them. Love them both equally, as you say you do, and that would be your only role :) Best of luck to you!