Shoes in the house

@bamakelly (5193)
United States
February 3, 2009 12:16pm CST
Do you usually like to have people take off their shoes in the house before trotting through? I don't normally do that but I wish I would. I can't stand when there dirt and dust tracked into my house and getting on my rug!
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@KrauseHome (36663)
• United States
14 Jul 09
Right now where we live we do not worry about whether people take off their shoes or not when they come in. Most of the time we do not get that much company and since the Carpets are older it is no Big deal. But we have been over to many people's homes who do ask you take off your shoes, etc. before entering and if we had New carpet or such it would be the way to go for sure.
@rapolu_cs (1184)
• India
13 Jul 09
I too does not like stepping withshoes in the rooms where we live and even i hate people who use slippers walking all through the home and it is okm with the people who live in cold countries and in the cool seasons but not all th time through out the year. i really hate.
@winterose (39893)
• Canada
4 Feb 09
the floors are too cold here people have to wear shoes in my house.
• United States
3 Feb 09
My company as well as I do this. I have to mop a lot of floor. Taking off their shoes helps keep shi*,and other mess out of my home. I do not want people tracking outside mess inside. Sitting on my furniture is just bad enough.
@jessi0887 (2792)
• United States
3 Feb 09
I don't. It doesn't bother me really. I may if i ever get white carpet. I wish i could ask them to take their shoes off when getting in my car.
@moneymommy (3419)
• United States
3 Feb 09
I don't ask or take my shoes off when coming in the house. Maybe if I get new carpet in the house I will. Right now are carpet is old and there's no saving it now.