Do you think it is your year of 2009?

@ktosea (2025)
February 3, 2009 6:19pm CST
I do think 2009 will be my year and many things will be changed better,but as it begins,it tend to be that I am not as lucky as I think,the recession thing makes it hard to find a new job and the others are also not as good as I am expecting.what is your situations?do you think 2009 will be your year?how is the beginig? thanks for sharing your points here.Nice day:)
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• United States
4 Feb 09
Last year was great for me, but I am sure this year will be as great if not better. I had a lot of great travels last year, around the country (US), Sweden, Spain... And my boyfriend also visited from Sweden and stayed with me for a month. This year my boyfriend is coming to visit again for a little over a month by the end of the year into January, and we are going to go to the Bahamas for a week and celebrate New Years at the Junkanoo celebration in Nassau. It is now my goal to go to a new country out of my own every year, it is something to look forward to and to let go of all the stress. I am young and not bound back by anything yet so I will definitely take advantage of that. This year should be great!
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@ktosea (2025)
• China
4 Feb 09
good fo you,sugarplum,you have visited so many countries,it's enviable for me.maybe one day you could come to China and have a visit here,there are many beautiful places.I am sure you will not despair here
@didi13 (2926)
• Romania
9 Jun 11
We are in 2011, and things have not changed much, perhaps even worsened. I did what I wanted. I think not quite as tragic as I thought. In fact our world will not let us do as we want, but dictates, and if he sees that we oppose, then we should. How? Price increases, increases in interest, and then try to still alive if you can. But I made ??a scale of priorities, and priority No. 1 for me is to live. Then I want (because one of my concerns is family) and help my family to live. The rest? Obviously, I'll pay the obligations which I have done, but as far as possible, and it will not be for me an abyss, but rather the rope that I chose to use when crossing the chasm dug by me (helped by others), with a goal in mind: Liman beyond it, the precipice. There is no concept of bank loan, or other type of loan. There are 15, 30, dates each month when not running the bank with the money earned. It's a while before! But I know the exact date on which you could say "It's over, " or perhaps better, "A new beginning. "